Trexo Robotics team

Manmeet Maggu, CEO, Trexo Robotics

Manmeet Maggu

Founder & CEO

Manmeet’s commitment to helping children with cerebral palsy walk drove the vision for Tréxō. An engineer and MBA by training, Manmeet has previously worked in several technical and project management roles.

Rahul Udasi, CTO, Trexo Robotics

Rahul Udasi

Founder & CTO

Rahul’s passion for mobile robotics was integral in bringing Tréxō to life. He brings vast experience from companies such as Willow Garage, Qualcomm, Evertz, and Blackberry, and holds a Masters of Engineering.

Dina Nikitina, COO, Trexo Robotics

Dina Nikitina


Dina is dedicated to improving healthcare delivery through innovation and technology. She brings experience in clinical research and consulting, and holds an MPH and MBA.

Anelise Jorgenson, Mechanical Developer, Trexo Robotics

Anelise Jorgenson

Mechanical Developer

Anelise is excited about helping to create affordable mobility solutions for children. Her previous experiences as a mechanical designer in both automation and product design give her insight into design for manufacturing and assembly, as well as experience designing tooling for a variety of different functionality.

Mark Loit, Senior Design Engineer, Trexo Robotics

Mark Loit

Senior Designer

Mark has over 25 years’ experience working in the industrial and embedded systems marketplace, designing, and building, systems for extreme and hazardous operating environments for a variety of industries while working for Tracan Electronics. Mark is passionate about technology that makes the human experience better.

Marco, Director of Health & Wellness, Trexo Robotics


Director of Health & Wellness

Marco’s passion for the team’s wellbeing helped shape Tréxō’s culture. He brings vast experience in playing fetch, getting lots of attention, and of course, belly rubs.

Trexo Robotics interns

Ian Frosst, Robotics Developer Intern, Trexo Robotics

Ian Frosst

Robotics Developer Intern

Ian brings project management skills and experience with robots of all shapes and sizes. He believes that robotics is the future, and is enthusiastic about the growing fields of wearable electronics and human-machine interaction.


Trexo Robotics alum

Jonathan Parsons, Mechanical Design Intern, Trexo Robotics

Jack Xu

Jack of All Robots Intern

Jack has been in love with robotics since he was little, and has been highly involved in a variety of disciplines related to state-of-art technologies. He brings experience in firmware, software, autonomous vehicle perception and mechanical design.

Ian Frosst, Robotics Developer Intern, Trexo Robotics

Jessen Liang

Mechanical Design Intern

Jessen loves making ideas into products, and using robotics to streamline difficult tasks. He brings experience in composite materials, weatherproofing, and mould design. In his spare time, he takes photos and drives slow cars.

Jonathan Parsons, Mechanical Design Intern, Trexo Robotics

Jonathan Parson

Mechanical Design Intern

Jonathan is passionate about robots, mechanical design and making the world a better place. He brings experience in geartrain and actuator design, prototyping and fast paced R&D.

Matthew Reynolds, Jack of all Robots Intern, Trexo Robotics

Matthew Reynolds

Jack of all Robots

Matthew is passionate about applying technology to make the world a better place. He brings experience in software design, control systems, and autonomous robotics.

Shubham Singh, Firmware Dev Intern, Trexo Robotics

Shubham Singh

Firmware Development Intern

Shubham is a student of physics from the University of Waterloo. He loves electronics and small stuff that does big things. He is also a Personal Computing enthusiast and has a cute little black box at home called the Red Raven.

Kevin Qiu, Mechanical Design Intern, Trexo Robotics

Kevin Qiu

Mechanical Exoskeleton Design Intern

Kevin is passionate about robotics and biomechatronics. He brings experience in mechanical design, manufacturing, and R&D.

Seamus Johnston, Robotics Software Dev Intern, Trexo Robotics

Seamus Johnston

Robotics Software Development Intern

Seamus is passionate about using robotics to create a better and more inclusive world. He brings experience in robotic software design, software architecture and sensor integration.

Alex Cui, former Full Stack Development Intern, Trexo Robotics

Alex Cui

Full-Stack Software Development Intern

Alex is passionate about making mobility possible for every child. He brings experience in building intuitive user experiences, resilient infrastructure, and insightful data analytics.



Trexo Robotics advisor Dr. Jan Andrysek

Dr. Jan Andrysek


Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Trexo Robotics advisor Dr. Arun Jayaraman

Dr. Arun Jayaraman


Max Nader Center at Shirley Ryan Ability Lab

Trexo Robotics advisor Adam Parsons

Adam Parsons

Chief Engineer

Houston Mechatronics

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