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    We have some children who normally don't like to try new therapies or new techniques or new devices, but there wasn't one child that didn't enjoy it"

    - Jo-Anne Weltman, Physical Therapist & Owner of SMILE Therapy for Kids

    Children who have successfully used the Trexo

    Trexo has been used by kids who need maximum support, and kids who just need a nudge to work on their endurance and gait. 
    Trexo's adjustability makes it a versatile tool to help most children with a disability experience independent walking. 
    See who has used the Trexo below. 

    The first time 21-year old James Gideon walked with the Trexo, he took 199 steps in less than 10 minutes

    This is a new experience for James who is living with cerebral palsy. According to his mother, James "could not talk nor walk and can't even sit up by himself without the seat belts and harnesses of his wheelchair and car seat". Walking with the Trexo was the first time James was able to move by himself.
    For children like James, the Trexo can be set-up to provide maximum support in moving the legs. Accessories to support the upper body can be attached so the user is sitting with a straight posture.  To assist with head control, James's family used a standard neck brace.

    De'Jai who works out regularly to stay active tried the Trexo and immediately loved it

    Together with his mom and the Trexo team, De'Jai took a Trexo for a spin with a big grin on his face.
    The Trexo can be set-up to accommodate for contractures, spasticity and tone, and scoliosis. The gait can be adjusted to never go outside the comfortable range of motion for the user.
    The speed of the Trexo is set by the supervising individual to make sure you're always walking the speed that is comfortable, yet challenging.

    Charley's traumatic brain injury could not stop her from walking outdoors

    Charley suffered a traumatic brain injury that left her unable to walk following a serious car accident. At the time of the accident, Charley was a first grade student.
    Since the accident, Charley has been working hard at her recovery and has used devices such as the Lokomat to work on her walking.
    She used the Trexo for the first time and experienced walking around outside and moving through space!
    Because Charley is comfortable with weight bearing and has experienced walking previously, her Trexo was set-up with reduced support. Charley's Trexo did not use a seat to provide weight bearing assistance. 

    Different sizes for different life stages

    Trexo Home comes in 4 different sizes starting as young as 18 months and growing up to 5 foot 9 in height. 
    For more information about sizing and who can use the Trexo, please see Trexo height and weight requirements

    How far will your child walk with the Trexo? 

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    We have seen hundreds of kids use the Trexo and will find something just right to answer your questions. 

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