Try the Trexo at Home

Different Trexo pricing for different goals

The best way to know if the Trexo is right for your child, is by trying it!
Take advantage of our 14 day risk-free return policy to give the Trexo a go before you decide if you want to keep it. 



(USD) Per Month with $1,000 down payment for 36 months

Purchase in full


(USD) One Time Payment

*Lease and finance options are currently available to residents for Canada & USA only. 
We have Canadian pricing! Just leave us your contact information below and we will get in touch.

Regardless of your child's abilities,
Trexo could be fitted to meet your specific needs.

Questions how the Trexo could work for you child? Let's talk about it, just leave your contact information below! 

Book your Trexo trial today!

We have a waiting list! Don't waste time, reserve your spot in the list today. 

Step 1:
Reserve your spot in the waiting list by placing a $1000 deposit.

Don't worry, it's fully refundable if the Trexo isn't right for you.

Step 2:
Complete assessments and speak with Trexo to confirm your child is a candidate for the Trexo Home.

We will begin building your very own Trexo.

Step 3:
Schedule your fitting with a Trexo rep right at your home.

If the fitting goes well, we will teach you how to get the most out of your Trexo.

"Not only is the Trexo a great tool for allowing the parents to give their kids really good activity in terms of patterning and alignment, really consistent stepping pattern, but they can do that without putting a really big strain on their body.

It's a great tool that parents can use at home to keep the kids moving, to get them upright everyday."

- Lisa Murphy, Director of Rehabilitation, NAPA Center


14 days with the Trexo

  • Watch your child fall in love with walking

    The daily movement with the Trexo will show your child how much they’re capable of and how independent they can be.

  • Monitor progress

    The Trexo app gives you full access to data including duration or walking, number of steps taken, and initiation. Use these stats to see if your child is making progress.

  • See if the Trexo makes sense for your family

    Equipment like the Trexo can make a positive impact on the whole family. Find out if your child enjoys the Trexo and how it fits into your day to day so you can build healthy long lasting habits.

The Trexo is not working for your child?
Walk the Trexo right back to us.

We get it, not all equipment works for every child. Return the Trexo Home within 14 days and receive a full refund.

To arrange the pick-up of your device, call a Trexo representative. We will provide you with the instructions and arrange pick-up of your device. 

Terms apply. 

Intrigued but still not sure?

We can probably help!
We only have one goal, and it is to get kids walking so they can stay active and be happy. 
Let's discuss if we can help your kiddo.


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