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Your child's disability should not define what they're capable of.
We get your child upright and walking.
They can keep their whole body active and you can stress less about a few things.

Try the Trexo at home for two weeks with our refund guarantee

Ensure your child loves the device without the added stress of travel and appointments

Find the perfect routine with the help of a Trexo rep so you can get a feel of the device




with $1,000 down payment on a 12 month commitment, and automatic ownership after 3 consecutive years of leasing at no extra cost
*Rifton Dynamic Pacer not included with the pricing plans

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Therapists think the Trexo is great

"Not only is the Trexo a great tool for allowing the parents to give their kids really good activity in terms of patterning and alignment, really consistent stepping pattern, but they can do that without putting a really big strain on their body.

It's a great tool that parents can use at home to keep the kids moving, to get them upright everyday."

- Lisa Murphy, Director of Rehabilitation, NAPA Center

Find out what your therapist thinks of the Trexo

Trexo is pretty new so chances are your physical therapist might not know about us. They can't advise you on something they don't know right?

Share their contact information and we will send them the Trexo brochure and case studies.

We can answer their questions so that they can answer yours.

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