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One device for all your goals

Taking care of your little one can be exhausting and put a lot of strain on your body.

Let the Trexo do the hard work so that you can focus on the important things.

With the Trexo right at home, you don't need to worry about:

Travel for appointments
Long exercise regimens
Figuring out which exercises to do and how to do them correctly
Exposure to viruses in public places
Keeping your child active and happy

Trexo can be used by children with different needs

Trexo has been used by kids who need maximum support, and kids who just need a nudge to work on their endurance and gait.

Trexo's adjustability makes it a versatile tool to help most children with a disability experience independent walking.

Hear what customers have to say

“I’m so grateful for it, check everybody’s hips! Every child who’s not ambulatory should be given a chance to be in a Trexo and walk around!”
- Alex's mom Lauren

"His endurance increased incredibly since starting the Trexo”
- Lucas's mom Clarisse

“Trexo is giving us hope because as a parent you are told all of these things your child will never do. Trexo has changed that.”
- Luz's mom Caro







with $1,000 down payment on a 12 month commitment

*Rifton Dynamic Pacer not included with the pricing plans

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Want to try it before committing fully?

The Trexo comes with a 2-week full refund guarantee to give you time to try it out and decide if it is right for you.

Training to set you up

The Trexo team will set you up and teach you how to make the most of your Trexo to get you started. The training takes place via a live video call at a time convenient for you.

We help you stay on track

We will stay accessible for check ins or if you run into any challenges. With our regular check-ins, we will keep your child on track to make big progress!

Continuous challenge

As your child makes progress, the Trexo can be adjusted to continue challenging your child so that they can keep getting stronger.

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Trexo Home

One device for all your goals