Trexo Home

One device, endless possibilities

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Hear what customers have to say

“I’m so grateful for it, check everybody’s hips! Every child who’s not ambulatory should be given a chance to be in a Trexo and walk around!”
- Alex's mom Lauren

"His endurance increased incredibly since starting the Trexo”
- Lucas's mom Clarisse

“Trexo is giving us hope because as a parent you are told all of these things your child will never do. Trexo has changed that.”
- Luz's mom Caro

Join us to learn why families love their Trexo Home

Allicyn Hayes, mother of 5-year old CP Warrior Kawai, will walk you through the features of the Trexo, how it can benefit a child, and share her experience using the Trexo with her son. 

Regardless of your child's abilities,
Trexo could be fitted to meet your specific needs.


Trexo Home can be adjusted and set up for children who:

Can walk with an assistive aid

Can’t roll, sit or stand on their own

Have low muscle tone

Have tightness in their lower body

And everything in between!

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