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Trexo sizing and height requirements

Like any assistive equipment, proper fitting is key to get the most of your Trexo. It is important that your child meets the size requirements to use the Trexo correctly and prevent any discomfort. The size restrictions are related to the Rifton walker and the Trexo Robotic legs. So how do we check if your child fits the device? Read on below.

Trexo adjustability

The Trexo can be adjusted in the following areas to fit the user:

  • Hip to knee length
  • Knee to floor length
  • Ankle size for different shoes
  • Amount of weight bearing
  • Gait pattern

The first three adjustments are directly related to the size of the user. The weight bearing and gait pattern are designed to accommodate different ranges of motion and abilities.

Our robotic legs have two points of rotation: the hip joint and the knee joint. These joints are how the robot controls the walking motion. The Trexo hip and knee joints must be correctly positioned with the user’s hips and knees to ensure good coupling. Essentially, the Trexo leg and the user’s legs should work together in unison.

How to measure your child

Let’s start with measuring your child’s legs. We recommend that you collect these measurements while your child is lying down on their back. They should be wearing their shoes and AFO’s for accurate measures. All measures shown below are in centimeters.

When measuring the length of your child’s hip to knee, you should first determine the point of rotation at each joint. Use the picture below to guide you in finding the point of rotation. Jot down the distance between the hip and the knee, and then the knee to the floor.

Trexo sizing

The Trexo comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. The small and medium Trexo both sit on the Medium size (K630) Dynamic Rifton Pacer. The large Trexo sits on the Large size (K640) Dynamic Rifton Pacer.

Refer to the chart below for the size ranges of all three Trexo sizes.

In addition to the size of the Trexo, your child may need accessories to assist with trunk support. The full list of Rifton accessories and prompts is available here.

Trexo fitting and trial

Once you have determined your child fits in one of the three Trexo sizes, you can move forward with your Trexo installation and training.

During your training, we will fit the Trexo for your child. This appointment takes place via a live video call with Trexo’s team.

Prior to the delivery of your Trexo, you will need to complete a detailed assessment. This will help to ensure they’re a good candidate for the device. You will be asked for the following information:

  • Hip and knee contractures
  • Hip sublaxation or dislocation
  • Spasticity level
  • Seizures
  • Head and neck control
  • Any other conditions which may interfere with your child’s ability to use the Trexo

At the training appointment your child will use the Trexo to walk. This is meant to help you determine if the Trexo is right for you. You may invite your child’s physical therapist to this appointment as well.

Trexo grows with your child

We will train you on the basics of running a Trexo session. The training includes teaching you how to adjust the Trexo as your child grows so they always fit properly!

Interested in learning more about how the Trexo can change with your child? Read about the many Trexo features to keep you child engaged.

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