Trexo Home System Pricing 

The Trexo Home gives kiddos with disabilities, impacting their mobility, the opportunity to walk. The Trexo Home system is made up of:


  • Robotic Legs (the hardware attached to a Rifton Dynamic Pacer to provide postural support)
  • Trexo Walk (the software that runs the different modes, creating a comprehensive walking experience for your kiddo)

The Trexo Home system works for kiddos, regardless of their current ability to roll, sit, stand or walk, because of the combination of hardware and software. If a child doesn’t have strong trunk or head control, the accessories to the Rifton Dynamic Pacer will take care of that. If they aren’t able to weight bear, the seat on the Rifton helps. The Robot Legs are fitted to their height and leg length, and can accomodate length discrepancies, to ensure comfort while they walk.

If your kiddo isn’t currently able to initiate steps, or has trouble with endurance, the Trexo Walk software has different modes (gait patterns) to help your kiddo get walking so they can build strength and endurance. You will get a tablet with your purchase, which allows you to control the various modes that Trexo Walk offers.

You can start by adjusting the gait pattern. The device will initiate walking, until the child is able to build strength and initiate on their own. The software tracks their steps and initiation on each leg. You can choose strength or endurance mode. You can also choose backwards walking – which has so many benefits for kiddos. There is a mode for high tone gait pattern. There is also stander mode, eliminating the need for another piece of equipment. With the Trexo Walk, you will get any new features and modes we add, as we continue to innovate and increase the benefits of the Trexo.

The Trexo Home System

Trexo Home Pricing (Hardware)

For American and International Customers

For Canadian Customers

Trexo Walk Pricing (Software)

For American and International Customers

For Canadian Customers

 This Includes the hardware:

  • Any size Robotic Legs
  • Rifton Dynamic Pacer
  • Rifton Dynamic Pacer Accessories
  • Tablet to operate the Trexo
  • 3-year warranty

*For American and International customers: this upfront payment can be financed through Affirm.  An example of a payment plan through Affirm: $745.25 per month for 36 months. Check out the rates and financing terms on our site.

*For our Canadian customers, we are working on financing options and will have more information soon.

Trexo Robotic Leg

This Includes the Trexo Walk Software, which gives you:

  • Endurance Mode
  • Strength Mode
  • Left & Right Leg Initiation Scores
  • Adjustable Support Forces
  • Safe range of motion to prevent injury
  • Customizable gait pattern
  • Gait Pattern for Extensor Tone
  • Backwards Walking
  • Range of walking speeds
  • Spasticity control to prevent injury
  • Stander Mode
  • All new updates and features
  • You can see:
    • the history of past sessions, as well as graphs and break downs of data
    • the cumulative total of steps taken over Trexo use
    • the number of steps per session and the amount of time your kiddo is walking per session
    • the speed at which they walk

Place Your Reservation Now

Fully Refundable, For Any Reason, While You Are On The Waitlist Or During Trial Period

We ask you to provide us the necessary information so we can complete an assessment. We do a very thorough review of each child to ensure the Trexo Home system is a good fit and will benefit them. We will only sell the device to you if it is safe and beneficial for your kiddo.

Each purchase includes:

  • A 30-day trial period with full refund
  • Training video call to ensure the proper fit for your child, all safety information, how to use the device and more
  • Ongoing video technical support from a Trexo certified technician
  • Regular check-ins with the customer success team to track progress & goals
  • Access to the Trexo Chat-App for support and community