Trexo Home Giveaway- FAQs and Terms & Conditions

Q) Who can participate in this giveaway?

a) This giveaway is open only for users located in North America (USA & Canada).
b) Only families with a child under 18 years of age are eligible to participate in the giveaway
c) Existing Trexo home users are not eligible to take part in this giveaway

Q) What’s the last date to enter the giveaway?

The contest is currently running and will end on 28th November 2021 at 11:59pm EST

Q) How will the winner be announced?

The giveaway winner will be announced through a Facebook live on the Trexo Robotics Facebook page on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 (Giving Tuesday). Follow us on Facebook to stay tuned for more updates.

Q) What criteria will be used to decide the winner?

The winner will be picked fairly and randomly. The more entries you have in the draw, increased chances you have to win. The winner will go through assessment criteria and if eligible, will be given a free Trexo home device for 12 months along with a Rifton Pacer for life. If the winner doesn’t qualify, the Trexo home device will be given away to the next randomly picked eligible winner

Q) I’m not sure if my child is a right fit for the Trexo Home. Should I participate?

In case, you require more information, feel free to contact us through this form and we’ll get back to you with the answers.
Also, you can enter the giveaway contest, and if you win (yes, you just might), we’ll assess the child and if found eligible, will be given a free Trexo home device for 12 months along with a Rifton Pacer for life

Q) Is the video submission mandatory?

Yes, a video submission is mandatory to enter into this contest. However, you can select ‘No’ in the giveaway consent form, if you don’t want Trexo Robotics to use your video for displaying or distributing on their website or social media platforms.

Q) I can’t find the link to submit the video?

You can access the video submission form here. Also, please ensure that you type ‘YES’ under the video submission section on the giveaway page for your entry to be accepted in the Trexo Home Giveaway.

Q) What’s the length of the video?

The maximum limit of the video is 60 seconds. However, there is no minimum duration requirements to submit the video. Make sure to record submit the video with your child.

Q) What should I say in the video?

Tell others about your participation in the Trexo Home Giveaway, share a fun fact about your child and finally, share what excites you most about the Trexo Home device. Don’t forget to upload the video on your social media, share and tag your friends.

Click here to enter the Trexo Home Giveaway.