Make-A-Wish with Trexo Robotics

Trexo Robotics is delighted to offer children who wish to experience walking a unique and tailored experience. We will work together with the family to create the magical experience of walking for the child filled with milestones and celebrations along the way. 


The Wish-to-Walk Experience 



5-year-old Ava from Huntingtown, MD, has a nervous system disorder that made her unable to walk. Ava wished to walk; with the assistance of her Trexo robotic walker, Rifton dynamic pacer, and BILLY footwear shoes, Ava was able to take her first steps towards a more independent future!

Marcy's Wish to Walk


Marcy, 8, has a complicated medical diagnosis resulting in mobility challenges. For as long as she can remember, she’s always had one wish — to be able to walk.


Ava's Wish

Ava F.

Ava first tried the Trexo device at the Trexo Robotics Open House. After walking for the first time, she communitcated through her Tobi Eye-gaze communication device that she want to continue! So her family contacted Make-A-Wish Canada and asked for the Wish-to-Walk. 



Fiona is a happy, friendly, sweet 9 year old who was born with a rare brain abnormality, called Holoprosencephaly. Her Mom also shared  “Trexo has been a game changer for indepdence, she surprises herself and is proud of herself. She knows that she’s accomplishing something. We had never seen that before. I look forward to the future, for her, now.”

Oliver's Wish to Walk


Oliver’s mom never thought Oliver would be a Make a Wish candidate. When she first contacted them and asked for his wish to walk, MAW San Diego wanted to make it happen. Oliver walked for the first time 

It is increasing his quality of life everyday-Rachel, Oliver’s mom.


How It Works 

Contact Make-A-Wish to determine your child’s eligibility and length of their Wish-to-Walk. Your child will receive the Trexo home device for a determined number of months.

You will be in contact with both Make-A-Wish and Trexo Robotics to ensure a smooth onboarding. This includes training, support, and  regular check-ins from Trexo Robotics.

This Wish-to-Walk is possible thanks to the collaboration between Trexo Robotics, Billy Footwear, Rifton Equipment, and Make-A-Wish.



In the Media

These magical moments of these kiddo’s Wish-to-Walk experiences have been highlighted by the news outlets below. 


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Are you interested to see if your child is eligible for the Wish to Walk experience?

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