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Success stories of kids who use Trexo

Aliah's Confidence


Ten-year old Aliah has been using the Trexo at St. Mary's Hospital for Children, 3 times per week of 3 weeks. In this short time she has shown remarkable changes in her gait, posture, and confidence. “It’s like overall she’s aware of her body” said Aliah's mom with excitement. 

See the full list of changes they noticed and how it impacted Aliah's confidence.

Read about Aliah's improvements!

Judah's First Steps


Four-year old Judah has been using the Trexo at St. Mary's Hospital for Children, 3 times per week over 6 weeks. During this time he built up endurance to take over 1000 steps/session and had a blast playing games like catch. His progress was definitely notable, he took his first 2 independent steps ever AND started riding his bike.

Read the interview with Judah's mom and then watch him in the news!

Watch Judah ride his bike!

Iris's Gait Pattern


Four-year old Iris has been using the Trexo Home 3 times per week for 5 months. She has blown everyone away with how much strength she has built in her legs, improved her hip flexion, and developed core strength to stand up nice and straight.

You can see the difference, check it out for yourself by reading the article and then watching the before & after video!

Watch Iris race up the stairs!

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Trexo services are available at the NAPA Center in Los Angeles. 

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Don't worry, it's fully refundable if the Trexo isn't right for you.

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Walk daily for 14 days

Take advantage of our 14 day refund policy to eperience what daily walking can do for your little one, right at your home.

Delivered to you

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Training and set-up included

We provide fitting and training to get you started and help you make the most out of your time with the Trexo.

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Interested in the Trexo for clinical services?

The Trexo Plus is designed to assist physical medicine and rehabilitation practitioners in providing gait training.