Gait training at home, everyday

Tréxō Home helps children with disabilities walk. Using state of the art wearable robotic technology, the Tréxō Home provides a highly repetitive and physiologically correct gait. The system is designed to ensure safety and consistency, enabling your child to exercise with walking.

With the Tréxō Home, your child can walk everyday!

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  • Guided gait pattern

    Provide your child with a highly repetitive and consistent gait pattern, which helps them walk further with each session

  • Weight bearing

    Trexo is easily adjustable so you can provide the precise amount of weight-bearing your child needs, and increase it as they get stronger

  • Active assist

    Use the active stepping metric on the Trexo to motivate your child to work harder so they can make the most of every session

Use the Trexo how you want, when you want


  • Save time

    With the Trexo right at home, you can focus on gait training at home when it’s convenient for you and fits with your daily schedule

  • Enjoy the outdoors

    Trexo Home can be used indoors and outdoors, so that your child can explore more environments and enjoy their walks in a new way

  • Versatility

    Have a small space? Use the Trexo Home with a treadmill* to get the same gait training intensity

Here is more information about the Trexo features and how they can change with your child. 

Is the Trexo Home right for your child?

Cerebral Palsy

Appropriate for children with GMFCS Level II - V, the Trexo Home will assist your child with a physiologically correct gait pattern.

Muscular Dystrophy

Using the Trexo Plus, will help with providing regular weight bearing through walking, to ensure the legs stay active and strong.

Acquired Injury

Children who cannot walk due to spinal cord or brain injury can use the Trexo to get high repetitions of steps regularly.

For a complete list of conditions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

For information regarding sizing, check out our guide to height and weight requirements. 

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(USD) Per Month with $1,000 down payment for 36 months
  • Trexo Home Robotic System
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 2 week cancellation period
  • Training for up to 2 individuals
  • On-going maintenance & support
  • Software updates

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  • Trexo Home Robotic System
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 2 week cancellation period
  • Training for up to 2 individuals
  • On-going maintenance & support
  • Software updates
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Interested in the Trexo for clinical services?

The Trexo Plus is designed to assist physical medicine and rehabilitation practitioners in providing gait training.